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Buying and Selling Sponsorships

Published 06/19/2012 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by Adam Brown
What can you use the app for?

Potential sponsors can use SponsorHub to find events, teams, associations, products or other things to sponsor. The teams, associations, events and others can find sponsorship money by listing on SponsorHub. It can also be used by people on all sides of the sponsorship marketplace to research various issues surrounding sponsorship.

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

SponsorHub was founded in 2011 by Chief Executive Bob Johnston. Within three months of its formation, it attracted investment by a wide range of investors including CloudBlue chairman Randy Altschule, Quotidian Venturies and many more. The $750,000 investment round was concluded successfully. In 2012, SponsorHub united with Eventbrite to provide a more complete service for people looking to sponsor events or event organizers who are looking for sponsors.

What are the differences to other apps?

SponsorHub is unique among marketplace apps in that it serves the community of event organizers and producers and companies or individuals looking to sponsor them. Other marketplace apps don't serve this particular community. Meanwhile, other apps that serve this community do not bring it together in this way.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The app is fairly easy to use for users with some experience in the world of sponsorship. Events and other items up for potential sponsorship are searchable by geography, industry, and other features. Users can save search terms after their first search, saving time on future searches. The process of offering to sponsor an event is also pretty straightforward - requiring you to click the green button within the app name "Sponsor an Event" and then fill in the terms of your offer.

How does the registration process work?

Registration for the free trial version of the app can be done quickly and easily. Click the "Create an Account" button in the upper right hand corner of the pricing page of the app and select the Free Membership option. You will be taken to a form where you have to fill in basic information such as your name, title, your company name and more. You will then be asked whether you are a sponsor or are looking for a sponsor. Once you accept the terms and conditions, your account will be created.

What does it cost to use the application?

The application costs between $49.95 and $249.95 a month to use. The cost depends on what kind of package you want. The cheapest option allows you make make as many as five listings a month, allows you to search current listings and includes unlimited image and video uploads. The most expensive option includes all the same features, plus it allows up to 20 listings a month, a free telephone consultation, and more.

Who would you recommend the application to?

The application is great for event organizers. The usefulness for them will be immediately obvious and the app will be well worth the price. Public relations and advertising professionals and others may also find the app useful.

  • Brings sponsors and producers together in a marketplace.
  • Maximizes returns on sponsorship investments.
  • Clarity in sponsor-producer negotiations.
  • Easy sponsorship researching.

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SponsorHub contact details

Telephone: 1-888-338-9494

SponsorHub pricing

Cheapest plan (per month) : $49.95
Most expensive plan (per month) : $249.95




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